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Timeless Logo Designer

Do you need help with Creating A Timeless Logo?

Do you need a Simple, Timeless Logo?

Then you need to work with Louis. Louis is a Timeless Logo Design expert with 5 years of experience in a leading London-based Logo agency.

Let Louis turn your timeless logo ideas into reality!

As your logo designer and Brand Specialist, Louis will focus on creating a timeless and industry-leading logo for you. Louis believes in the importance of logos and branding in a company’s success, and nothing gives Louis more pride than seeing one of his logos at the top.

Check out Louis’ portfolio of Timeless Logo Designs on Fiverr.

My Timeless Logo Design Manifesto: (What Is A Timeless Logo?)

  1. Good design is less: Less is more
  2. Less is Bold: Bold means confidence
  3. Bold is experimental: Experiments involve risks
  4. Experimental design is fresh: Fresh faces are always welcome
  5. Fresh is creative: Creativity attracts curiosity
  6. Creative is smart: Make people think and rethink
  7. Smart is communicative: Communicate visually
  8. Communicative design is simple: Easy to understand yet difficult to produce
  9. Simple is aesthetic: Attractive things work better
  10. Aesthetic is good: Good enough is never good enough

*Premium Package details:

  • 3 Logo Concepts
  • 20 Pages long corporate identity file
  • Social media kit
  • Stationery files
  • Timeless Logo Vector
  • VIP Support: Customer priority & Available for Zooms, Skype.

Check out his timeless design examples. He understands what a modern business logo should look like, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Check out your Timeless Logo Designer,

Louis John Kender


Why choose Softriver?

Louis and his co-designer are fully plunged into the industry, having worked in London they not only know and follow the latest trends, but they are also part of the change. A logo from Softriver is akin to those from leading agencies in San Francisco or London. They love startups, They love the future, They love vision.

What Package should I choose?

Softriver believes it depends on your team. If you have an in-house designer, go for the Basic or Standard package depending on how many concepts you want. If you don’t have a designer, Softriver strongly recommends the premium package, as Softriver will develop absolutely every file you will ever need.

What is your Design Process?

Initially, Louis and his co-designer will start the old way, with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. After analyzing you and your company and identifying your vision, Softriver will start sketching. Once they draw this “wow” concept, they transfer it to their computers and design the final version.

What do the Social Media Kit and Stationery Designs include?

They include many files a business operating today needs. Firstly it includes many different Backgrounds and Icons to brand every Major social media platform. It holds them in different formats and colors. Stationery Designs includes A4s, letterheads, Covers, Business cards (On request).

What if I am not happy with the final design?

Softriver guarantees you won’t, but in the case where you would not be satisfied, you will get a full refund within an hour of your enquiry.


*Affiliate Disclaimer: Marketer’s Index is an affiliate of Fiverr.

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