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I am an independent designer specialised in type design and visual identity. I also work with lettering and illustration. In my profession I put an emphasis on simple, bold and clean forms. I thrive working across a range of projects including branding, typography and digital.

Before ordering a gig, please contact me first, to give a short brief of your needs.

I start working on a project with a few questions about client’s business. I need to know what kind of business is this (would be great for me to give your brief an early look to meet your expectations), what are core values of your brand and finally, what are key words, which best describe their practice. Afterwards I start sketching and send a presentation with logo proposals. The second (or third) round is about making changes for one final logo. When final version is accepted, I provide all necessary files.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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Mar 2020

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about 20 hours

5 reviews for I will design a unique logo for your premium brand

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