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Fiverr says the writing of this description is my chance to be creative, I disagree. My real chance to be creative is when is start designing a logo. 

I will give all my knowledge and experience into creating the perfect logo for your business, but all that is for nothing without creativity, that’s the reason why most of all I’m going to be creative with your new logo. Push the boundaries, explore new possibilities, create something unique, something that will make your brand stand out from the competition! 

Well seems like I did put some creativity in this description after all 🙂

Let’s get back to formalities, I will provide:

  • all export formats you ask for (many of them even without you asking 🙂 )
  • quickest turnaround 
  • perfect communication
  • understanding
  • initial concepts and revisions as described in a selected package

Still not convinced? Hit me a message with any questions or concerns and I will answer in shortest time. 

Closing this tab already? Sorry to hear that, I still hope you are having a nice day.

Stefan Prodanovic


Yanny or Laurel?

I heard Laurel, read online that means my ears are still young 🙂

Blue or white dress?

That dress was definitely white, if you disagree you may want to check your screen.

Are you cat or dog person?

Definitely a dog person.

What’s your favourite beer?

I prefer craft beers, and you?

Is this a joke?

Of course, if you have any real concerns about my gig please hit me a message.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since

Feb 2019

Avg. response time

3 hours

Last delivery

about 21 hours

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